My Datacamp Course Journal in 2024

Hellooo I’m back with my journal to keep track on online courses and studies after I took a break since Nov, that’s 2 months hiatus haha! Plus, I have an aspiration this year to not only take an online course, but also reading a textbook as well. Here IIII go!

Btw, since I received a scholarship to study Google certificate track for free on coursera last year (Click), so I took many courses in a short span of time. This year, I will give myself some slack thus I wouldn’t have too much pressure LOL


[2 Feb 2024] Course 1-2 — Understanding Cloud Computing, Introduction to GCP

An introduction course to the cloud computing world. What are the major cloud service providers out there in the market? Which job position related to the cloud domain? What exactly is IaaS, Paas, SaaS. There are sequel courses which are Introduction to GCP, AWS, Azure for those who wanna delve more into each providers architecture.

[14 Feb 2024] Course 3 — Introduction to Data Warehouse

Hey! this is a good introduction course to cover the basic of Data Warehouse concept

It covers

Top-down (Inmon)/Bottom-up(Kimball)
On-premise vs Cloud
Star vs Snowflake schemas

[17 Feb 2024] Course 4 — Communicating Data Insights

The course introduced why communication using data matters. Distil the raw data into an insight and display them in a visual to a specific audience group in order to resolve business problem. It includes what audience needs to know, which visual type fits for each data.(very brief overview) What do you need to construct in the storytelling i.e. Narrative – Data – Visual

[19 Feb 2024] Course 5 — Data Storytelling Concepts

The extension course of Communicating Data Insights. Now, it dag deeper in Storytelling section. What your visual can be improved. How many data should include in a single page (50-60% :Data Density)

Storytelling framework: Freytag’s Pyramid

Type of insight i.e. Strategic, Operational insight

Type of reasoning: Inductive, Deductive reasoning

[19 Feb 2024] Course 6 — Introduction to Power BI


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