Using Lenormand card to find lost objects… does it work?

Some said Lenormand is a perfect system to find lost objects. Since I use both Tarot and Lenormand, I agree using Lenormand to find lost objects. The language is clear cut and proper to me than reading tarot for finding object.

There is no single way to interpret the card, you can add your intuition, memory, experience that make the reading looks fit into your own dictionary, Plus, I didn’t stick to the exact keywords from the book every time, I just tried what it worked for me and what card keywords might fit the situation at that time, at that place. Hence my interpretation below can be different from yours.

So here were the cases I solicited throughout many months. Some worked, some didn’t. but the results so far was satisfying overall in my opinion. These were my case study in case it could give you the idea to start finding your lost objects as well! In addition, if you wanna know which card refers to which object, you can find them in Rana George or Caitlin Matthews books—Those are perfect stater kit for Lenormand practitioners.

[17 Feb 20] Lenormand Question:
Where’s my USB C cable?

lenormand snake book coffin

My interpretation
1. Snake: nearing wire, rope.
2.Book: nearing books or bookshelf.
3. Coffin: somewhere dark, find me~ lol!
Eventually, I found it in my green bag which located in the deepest bottom of the bag. I actually looked in this bag before but didn’t look thoroughly.
and yes! the cable is under a book inside the bag!
Card reading score: 4/5
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[22 Aug 20] Lenormand Question:
Where’s my room key??

lenormand lily key anchor

It happened last night, I was so preoccupied such that I forgot where I put my key in the room. I was looking for it everywhere but couldn’t find it, hence I asked the card. My interpretation was:
Lily: somewhere old (or near flowers)
Key… (I know I was looking for key! haha)
Anchor: somewhere near metal or water (bathroom, kitchen)– later, I found that Anchor could mean something was on top it too.

I was searching for about half an hour. Eventually, I found it in a short pant in a used clothes basket near the bathroom. Incidentally, Lily card means wisdom. In the other words, they could mean “Stop asking me, find it by using your head!” actually I found the key because I tried having a role play simulating the situation I had last night LOL!
Card Reading score: 3/5 not completely wrong, but nothing special.
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[27 Sep 20] Lenormand Question:
Where’s my green hoodie??

lenormand sun fish tree

Welp, this was funny 😂😂😂
I had to use green hoodie as a costume for a company trip on 4 Oct. I kept it in a closet of my bedroom long time ago. I looked for it at the same place but I had no luck, so I used green raincoat as a substitution. However, It still prodded me that I lost my hoodie. I gotta find it! I asked Lenormand, and they said
Sun: somewhere bright (or meet the sun directly)
Fish:near water place(or bathroom?)
Tree: near plant?
This time, I was looking at the same place again because I believed it’s still there. Turned out it was genuinely there!! but it was located deep down at the bottom of the drawer… and that drawer is full of swimsuits of my family!! (Fish card) and Yes my bedroom was toward to the sunlight (Sun card.)

Card Reading score: 4/5 It was still there, I just didn’t search for it thoroughly.
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[26 Oct 20] Lenormand Question:
Where’s my powerbank micro usb???

lenormand cross anchor ship
I have no idea why I lost my stuff so often especially the cable! This time, it was another high quality micro USB cable. 
1. Cross denotes the suffering & sadness. 
2. Anchor + Ship in the textbook meaning near the port, water source, restroom. 
In my opinion this combination is more like 'Let's pick up the anchor and sail the ship := the cable has been gone" 😭😭😭

Turned out 4 days later, I found in on the floor near my friend's desk which was further away. Had I not seen it, it would definitely have been gone.

Card Reading score: x/5 I'd say it's off this time. I'm glad I found it though. 
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[11 Jan 21] Lenormand Question:
Where’s my old laptop???

lenormand anchor book coffin
Once again, I wanna sell my old laptop. I remembered bringing it back from the office and placed it somewhere in my house. I couldn't recollect where it was and I wasn't in the house at the moment, I was in an apartment. For a peace of mind, I drew the card

Anchor + Book + Coffin

Anchor = near restroom or was it covered by something?
Book = somewhere secret like safe? or near the confidential stuff such as legal document.
Coffin = somewhere dark. Sunlight couldn't reach, in a box

These keywords poked me, I must have placed it in my wardrobe which had a legal document bag beside it.
The day after, I returned home and yay found it! (The pic was in 2nd pic in my IG post.)

If you find this is fun to read or wanna seek more detail in Lenormand card universe. Surely, the books I recommended at the top are a good start. There also is Facebook Lenormand Study Group which you gotta find much much more numerous ways of how each practitioners translate the card ! Enjoy reading!

I would talk more about Lenormand experience in the future. More to come!

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