Lenormand Reading Journal | What’s up with my sister parcel?

Lenormand above and below spread bear bird key garden path crossroad mountain
Reading Date: 14 Nov 2020
IG Post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHqFwvBAAlQ/

This was one of the example I used Lenormand to ask the overall situation of my sister’s lost parcel. This was a thrilling one.

It happened when my sis ordered a product on 11.11.20 campaign online.
Her parcel suddenly lost along the way. The tracking system
said somebody received it on 12 Nov, but the condominium didn’t even receive it.

Something must be wrong during the delivery. Either the mistake of a postman or a tracking system itself. We reached out to both seller and the post office. Unfortunately, it was weekend, so it was their off-business hour.

I decided to ask the card (just to record the journal.) to check the outcome of this delivery.

The spread I used here was Above and Below Caitlin Matthews book
At the rightmost column: Key+Mountain which means Resolution+Delay respectively. A bit straightforward that the mountain case was also the timing card, so I believed the parcel will arrive in a delay manner. Though, I didn’t tell my sis (didn’t wanna give her a false hope.) In addition, 2nd column Bird+ Crossroad means there was negotiation that was taking a detour / or we must make decision (which fits the current stage that both of us were reaching out to the other end.)
1st column: Bear+Garden imo Bear represented my sister of financial matters that related to community (buying stuff) The Above row: Bear+Bird+Key She might be stressed out of the issue, need to have a negotiation back and forth but then thing will turn out positively.

On Monday 16 Nov 20, I reached out to the post office call center, turned out there was a mistake in data logging system, and the parcel just arrived in the morning. It took 5 days in delivery. Thanks it wasn’t lost! otherwise, I would have been a disastrous for sure LOL!🙏🙏

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